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I'm supposed to work on my assignment that is due tomorrow right now but nah, guess I'm just gonna write something here. You know that feel when you just wanna give up on everything? Like you're on to something and halfway there, you just feel like giving up on everything with no particular reason. You just stop and just do nothing. Well that's me right now. I don't know why though. I have people around me in college saying I'm currently living this so-called "life goals". For me to have my own income, the so-called creative talent and basically just living life not like how a normal 18 years old should be living. I was kinda shocked though when I hear that haha. Well yeah, it may look nice and all but deep down, I'm not really feeling it though.

I have like this empty hole inside of me. I may have all that, but I've realized that I was too focused on my goals that I sometimes forget about the people around me. I get kinda lonely sometimes which kept me wondering, am I happy? Nope. I guess this is just a self-reflect post. I really want to balance both my goals and my relationship with the people around me including Allah SWT. It's true how people always say that money can't buy love. Well, they don't. Hopefully I could fill that empty hole inside of me by spending more time with the people I love and at the same time, work hard towards achieving my goals.



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  2. weh I dont know why, but this is so relatable to me right now. nak huggg T-T

  3. to lubz and ayon i understand your guys feeling. Eventhough we are far apart we can always share the same experience. Any how be strong guys


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