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          I had the longest semester break and all I did was focusing on my instashop (@wallflowerstore) and taking care of the house chores. It's not that I'm complaining though. I just wish I could just take a time off and go somewhere and just chill. But sadly my semester break is about to end and hello there final semester. Can't wait to finish up my foundation! 

          So basically yesterday, I came across an Instagram post by Fashion Valet. Guess what? They are hosting a contest for bloggers to stand a chance on winning an ensemble from head-to-toe by Fashion Valet and also a 3 days and 2 nights in Phuket! To be more precise, in Paresa Phuket! A luxurious highly rated resort by The Luxe Nomad *gets excited* So here I am, giving my best shot :)

As soon as I saw the post, I went on a little research about the 
Paresa Phuket (http://paresaresorts.com/) - A link worth a click!

          You know how people say a picture is worth a thousand words? Just imagine seeing it live in action. Well, see for yourselves. I can't even describe how amazingly beautiful the resort is. Totally awed and I can totally see myself with my family enjoying the heavenly place just as prescribed on the website. Haha.

A little peek of the amazing Paresa Phuket *Jaw drops* 
( all photo credits goes to Google & Paresa Phuket)

Here goes nothing :)

          I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket on the Luxe Nomad because of several reasons. First and upmost reason is because I would like to win this for my parents. They have been my backbone and supporters from the very start especially in my on-growing business (@wallflowerstore) and for believing in my chosen course (going into graphical arts). I started the business right after SPM and it has been an incredible year as I watch it grew bigger. This year I'll turn 19 and looking back, I would have never made this far if it wasn't for my super supportive parents and family. In a way, this Paresa Phuket Getaway would be a great gift from me to them as a token of appreciation and to make them happy since the last time we had a proper vacation was in the year 2010. It's time to surprise them with this Paresa Phuket Getaway. Plus, I've always wanted to see the beauty of Phuket in my very own eyes and to be given the chance to stay in a luxurious resort like Paresa Phuket is a spot on bonus! Though my parents are into back-packing, I guess it's time to give them a break and let them enjoy a little bit of luxury once in awhile haha.

Now here comes the fun part! As for what I would wear from Fashion Valet while I'm there :)
(I've compiled into a collage to ease the eyes hehe)  All photo credits goes to FashionValet.com

          I would go for a minimalist Bohemian look. I love everything on the site but I have made up my mind for the trip! I'm going for the mint green Tassel Kimono top paired with the slouchy pants for the casual look. Not to forget the gorgeous Chocolate Cookie Dough scarf by dUCK! As for the shoes, I'd wear it with the casual espadrilles and the Mini Overnighter Bag in blue.

          I hope I could be one of the two lucky person to win this contest :) I've never won any online contest before and it would mean the world to me if I were to be given the chance of a lifetime to spend time with my family in Paresa Phuket! If you're also interested on joining this contest, click here!

Wish me luck! :)


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