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Hello blog! I decided to write again since I feel the need to jot down these special memories and occasions so that I could read them again like a storybook written by me haha. So, starting off with the Istanbul trip I went with my family earlier this year around March. It was during my final semester. I wasn't supposed to go but my dad was too sad to leave me here without the rest of the family hehe. So I did! I can't remember when was the last time we had a proper vacation though but this trip was super memorable!

Moving along, the day finally came. My dad flew to Istanbul first as he had to deal with work and then the rest of the family would tag along 2 days later. Our flight was delayed for 7 freaking hours. I remembered when we had to sleep in the small praying room at the airport. But the fun part finally came when the finally got into our flight and started the journey to Istanbul.

We were lucky that the trip was during the end of winter season. So basically, the weather was just nice. Not too cold and not too hot. A nice chilly weather! 

During the Bosphorus Cruise, Istanbul.

The Blue Mosque interior.

Inside the Topkapi Palace.

Some random bread stall by the streets.

Tulips were literally EVERYWHERE!

The Grand Bazaar.

The famous Hajr Sophea. I was blown off by the beauty.


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